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Frequently Asked questions

  • Who are Kraboo?

    Kraboo are a group of teachers who love teaching. Read our about us page for more information.

  • How do you differ to other learning sites?

    At Kraboo we pride ourselves on our teachers & community. We offer:

    • Qualified dedicated teachers
    • Native teachers to the language they teach
    • Community forum
    • Online courses
    • Offline courses

    Our motto –



    We use this motto not only for you, but we also live by it. To be able to bring you inspiring and exceptional courses.

  • Where are your offline courses held?

    Currently our offline courses are held in Bangkok. We are hoping to expand this over time.

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes, our refund policy is stated in our terms and conditions. To put it in a nutshell.

    Online courses

    As long as the course has not been accessed within a 30 day period from the payment date, then we offer a money back guarantee. If you have accessed the course then you will not be eligible for a refund.

    Offline courses

    Offline courses are refunded as per our terms and conditions. Refunds for offline courses are dealt with dependant on the notice given to cancel. Please see out Terms or visit support.

  • How do I contact someone at Kraboo?

    If you have a question about an online course or the online course you are on, then contact your course instructor first. If you don’t get an answer for any reason, then drop us a line either on the forum or use our contact page.

    If you wish to talk to us about our offline courses, then use the contact form on the contact page.

    If you have a general question or query then join us in the forum or use our contact page.

  • How do I become a teacher for Kraboo?

    We are a small group of teachers with a passion to teach. If you have that same passion, are qualified and love working with students, then we welcome you. Our become a teacher page details everything.

  • I have a complaint, who do I speak to?

    If your complaint is course related, then the first person to speak to should be your instructor. If you wish to escalate it further then contact us directly using the contact form on our contact page.

    If you have a complaint about anything else then send us a message directly using either our contact form or email.

  • Is kraboo.com secure?

    We have in place security protocols to help keep your account secure. You can help keep your personal information secure by:

    • Choosing a strong password
    • Changing your password periodically
    • Keep your account data safe (passwords,usernames)
    • Logout each time you have finished with your course
    • Clear your password history in your browser
  • What payment options are there?

    For our online courses we are currently accepting paypal, which allows you to also use your credit/debit card if you do not have a paypal account.

    For our offline courses we accept paypal, bank transfer and cash on delivery.

  • I've forgotten my account details?

    If you have forgotten your password then follow the lost password procedure from the login page. If you have forgotten all your details for username and password, send us a message. We will ask you for more details to confirm your account before we can issue you with a new login.

  • Do I need an account?

    Yes, you need to create an account before you can take any of our courses. You must have reached the age of consent for online services in your country to use any of Kraboo.com services.

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