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Welcome to the new kraboo website. We are a new learning site dedicated to the advancement of language learning. We are a group of current teachers who just love to teach.

So what will you find here?

We pride ourselves on many things. Our teachers are extremely experienced, they are native to the language they teach and they are respectful. We love to here from you, good or bad, it doesn’t matter what it’s about. We strive to make our courses better everyday. Above all else, we want you our students to enjoy our courses through making then engaging and memorable.

Join our online forum. It’s brand new and we welcome everyone. All we ask is for you to follow the rules. Our moderators are all teachers and they love to answer your questions.

We are currently working on providing online courses. One of the features of our learn direct course students, is that they will also have access to the online content. The online courses can be purchased as a standalone by students not in our learn direct program. More news on this will come as we get closer to going live.

Our team have plenty of other ideas about the site. We are busy on the whiteboard identifying new ideas and scrapping lots of the old ones. If you have an idea we would love to hear from you.

Finally, we are not perfect and you will find errors. We are ironing them out bit by bit.

We hope you have a great time here, and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us.


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