Does anyone like writing?

Classrooms sigh, students cry and exam takers sweat.

Why? WRITING. You either love it or loathe it. In the many years that we have been teaching, 1 subject always springs to mind that seems to be the least enjoyable subject to learn.

As teachers many of us remember the time before computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices. That was a time when writing and communication was part of life. Sending a letter – not an email, actually telling someone something face to face – not messaging them on Facebook, filling out forms on paper – not online etc etc etc. Maybe, we have lost our love of writing, or maybe we didn’t love it at all.

Time moves on and we now have computers, mobile phones, the internet and other devices, which are all meant to help improve our quality of life. What about that core subject of writing though? Do we need to be able to write when we have computers and even devices which can dictate what we are saying? Well, yes of course we do. In our opinion writing is core to learning a new language, it helps us understand the grammar which we use, it encourages free thinking in what we write, learn spelling (without the need of spelling check) and above all else it can be fun.

For some of us writing is a way of life when we jot down ideas, write complex equations, brain storm ideas and so on. It also forms parts of exams we take for English. No not everyone is going to like it, some will find it hard and others easy. Why not try it yourself, start a journal or diary, or maybe try your hand at the many forms of writing.

Writing is here to stay, maybe you’ll fall in love with it, or maybe you’ll still hate it. 

Give it a try

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